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Takes you with a stone and to your workshop, and to the safe in the bank. Don't let that bother you,” and finally looking up at me, he put two $250 chips on his cards and nodded to me, “Open it

The old man also bet five hundred dollars on the box. Hallelujah, we're playing! But I didn't even have a failing ace-king combination, and my precious players got paid only for the initial bet - two hundred and fifty dollars.

- Please, your bets, - I tried not to miss the game, but I myself looked askance at the same time -

him on a velvet box. I wonder how much this tiny shard can still cost? If a carat is under a million, but here it is a little more than half a carat ...

The men upped their stakes and bet five hundred dollars per box as their initial bet. My king forced the players to take a break from the jewelry topic and look at their cards. After all, risking an empty combination against the king at a high stake is not entirely logical, even if you can afford a red diamond.

- I need ... very urgently need ... decoration ... special, - Rimbaud got excited,

It was evident that it was hard for him to find the right words. - That is, not for me, but ... In short, I - cry.


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